4-rooms flat, Nizhnij Kislovskij lane, Arbat

4-rooms in region Arbat

In sale 4 room flat, 7/23 on Nizhnij Kislovskij lane st. Region Arbat. Individual planing.
Flat comfy, outside insulated, monolithic house. Autonomous heating Southern side. S fullsize. – 85 m. romms size – 58 m; kitchen – 15 m.
Flat after repair.
On the walls of plaster. In rooms are laminate. Furniture reserve new owners.

Clear entrance with concierge. After repairs.
Isset parking. Outdoor polyclinic, school, convenience store.
Item card
Rooms: 4

  • fullsize: 85m2
  • Room size list: 58m2 (16/15/14/13)
  • kitchen: 15m2
Bathrooms: separate
Phone: есть
Network: есть
Balcony: yes
Floor (Total Floors): 7(23)
Elevator: yes
House: monolithic
Subway: 4min. on transport
Address: Nizhnij Kislovskij lane, Arbat

Price - 526000 USD
Phone: +7 (499) 969-57-89

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